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Gas fireplace guide

Gas Fireplace Guide

Choosing the perfect gas fireplace to complement the style and functionality of your home can prove to be a difficult task. As such, it’s important to thoroughly research the options available to you to ensure you find a model will suit your property and personal tastes.

To help with your decision-making, the experts at Rotherham Fireplaces have put together this handy guide to gas fireplaces so you know exactly what to look for when investing in a new gas fireplace.

Benefits of a Gas Fireplace

Why have a gas fireplace?

Rotherham Fireplace Centre
  • Durable, long lasting design
  • Instant heat with a variety of output settings
  • Minimal mess making it low maintenance
  • Option to include a timer and thermostat
  • No fuel storage space is required
  • A chimney isn’t always required for installation
  • Quiet operation
  • Environmentally-friendly alternative to solid fuel fires
  • Ability to continue working in the case of a power cut or boiler breakdown

Different Types of Gas Fireplace Models

Inset gas fires

Rotherham Fireplace Centre

Popular for their high heat output and realistic flame effects, inset gas fires are available in a range of modern and traditional styles to complement any home.

Their versatile design means you have the option of incorporating a glass front for added efficiency, and they can be easily controlled using a manual or remote control system.

There are two types of inset fireplace designs available:

  • Full depth: requires an ample sized chimney with a rather large recess to fit into. It is available in a range of different fuel beds, as well as different trim and fret designs.
  • Slimline: a shallower version of full depth inset fires, making it the perfect solution for properties with limited space.

Outset gas fires

Rotherham Fireplace Centre

If you are searching for a traditional gas fire model which will stand proud in your living room, an outset fireplace may be the choice for you.

Whether you would like a living flame or a flame effect, an outset gas fireplace can incorporate either of these options so you can create a warm, inviting ambience in your home without compromising on performance.

Outset gas fireplaces are fitted behind a glass front for increased safety and efficiency, with newer models holding in more heat so less energy is used ensuring economic fuel consumption. Not only will this improve the energy efficiency of your property, but it will also save you money on your bills.

Hole in the wall gas fires

Rotherham Fireplace Centre

As the name suggests, hole in the wall gas fires are installed directly into one of your existing walls with no surround or mantel, making it a brilliant space-saving solution, particularly in homes with limited space.

High efficiency hole in the wall gas fires use the latest technology to convert as much of the fuel into energy as possible to heat up your home. Keep an eye out for the energy efficiency rating label on the different gas fireplace models, as the higher the rating, the less energy they waste, helping to improve your green credentials and reduce energy bills.

How to have a gas fireplace without a chimney

Contrary to popular belief, a chimney is not always required for a fireplace. Modern technology has paved the way for innovative fireplace designs, meaning that even properties without a chimney can still feature a stunning fireplace. If your property doesn’t have a chimney, there are two gas fire options available to you:

Balanced Flue

This type of fireplace features a glass front, allowing for improved efficiency and safety. It is installed on an outside wall so the inner pipe can expel combustion gases to the exterior of your home.

Rotherham Fireplace Centre Rotherham Fireplace Centre

Powered Flue

This uses an extractor unit which vents the combustion gases to the outside of your property. This means that the fireplace doesn’t need to be fitted against an external wall, giving you the option to mount it anywhere in your home. It’s worth noting that a mains electricity supply is needed for this system to function properly.

Rotherham Fireplace Centre Rotherham Fireplace Centre

Installing a Gas Fireplace

Safety is paramount when installing a gas fireplace as it can be a very dangerous task. As such, we recommend that you hire the expertise of a fully qualified Gas Registered engineer who will ensure all of the necessary safety measures are put in place and all relevant regulations are adhered to.

When hiring the expertise of the team at Rotherham Fireplaces, there is typically a 4 week wait between the date that the order is placed and the date that the fireplace is fitted. Depending on the complexity of the job, the installation timescale is usually 1-2 days.

After sales process

Once you have found the right fireplace for your home and purchased it, there will be, on average, a 4 week wait between the order and the date of fitting. The fitting will take 1-2 days depending on how complex each individual job may be.

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Alternatively, you can pay us a visit at our impressive showroom. We recommend that our customers come prepared with the following information when they visit us:

  • A photograph of your current fireplace, flue, chimney breast and the room setting
  • The measurements of your current fireplace and chimney breast (the relevant measurements you should bring are the height, width and depth of your hearth)
  • If you wish, bring any photos you may have seen online or in a magazine which shows the type of fireplace you would like
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