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Fireplace Buyer's Guide

Here at Rotherham Fireplace Centre, we have put together a guide for anyone wanting to buy a fireplace. Our expert team have put together a handful of helpful tips and steps, guiding you from choosing the right fireplace right the way through to the post-sale process, fitting and finish. Go through our fireplace buying guide to find the prefect fireplace for your home.

Types of fireplace

Why have a gas fireplace?

Rotherham Fireplace Centre
  • Good levels of durability
  • Ability to vary heat settings
  • Cleaner than solid fuel fires, and easier to keep going
  • Constant, high output of heat
  • Better for the environment than solid fuel fires
  • Safer as no sparks emitted
  • No chimney is required
Gas Fireplace Guide

Why have an electric fireplace?

Rotherham Fireplace Centre
  • Electricity, as a power source, is 100% efficient
  • Cheaper than other fireplaces, generally
  • No servicing required, lowering your maintenance costs
  • Safe choice as no risk of toxic fumes if installed incorrectly
  • Many styles and colours to choose between
  • No requirement for a chimney
  • None of the maintenance required unlike solid fuel fires
Electric Fireplace Guide

Types of fireplace surrounds

Once you have decided on the type of fireplace you want installing in your home, you can decide on the aesthetic you wish to achieve with your fire and choose the fire surround that best suits your home’s existing decor and your personal taste.

Marble fireplace surrounds

Rotherham Fireplace Centre

This material lends itself to those looking for a more traditional design, particularly suiting period properties. Many colours and patterns of marble are available, and this extraordinary material is completely unique, with no two pieces exactly the same.

Wood fireplace surrounds

Rotherham Fireplace Centre

Offering perhaps the largest range of styles and finishes, wooden fireplace surrounds are an extremely popular choice for both modern and period properties. Whether you want a contemporary, fresh-looking pine surround, or a traditional, richly coloured oak, wood can provide a versatile and attractive surround for your fireplace.

Limestone fireplace surrounds

Rotherham Fireplace Centre

Limestone is a beautifully pure stone, creating a stylish and classic look in any home. Thanks to its pure tone with very few veins or fossils, limestone can make your fire and the room in which it is installed look extremely plush, exuding luxury and class.

MDF fireplace surrounds

Rotherham Fireplace Centre

MDF fireplace surrounds are available in a wide range of styles and finishes to suit the décor of a room. MDF with a veneer finish is used on many fireplaces as it gives a sleeker look. MDF fireplace surrounds can be used for both electric and gas fires as it will not expand due to the heat coming from the fire.

Fireplace sizes and measurements

Once you have decided on the right type of fireplace and surround, you can measure the area in which the fireplace will reside. Firstly, when deciding on the correct proportions for your fireplace, consider the following:

  • Fireplace height, width and depth of hearth
  • The height of the ceiling
  • The size of the room
  • Whether the fireplace will be fitted to a wall or chimney breast
Rotherham Fireplace Centre

What fireplace flue do you have?

Whatever type of flue you have at your home, you can fit a gas or electric fireplace, so the choice is entirely yours when it comes to the type of fire you think will work best for you. Have a look through the different types of flue to find out which you have at your home:

Class 1 chimney type

Rotherham Fireplace Centre

These chimneys are most commonly found in older houses, dating back to pre-1960 properties. Suitable for both gas and electric fires, these chimneys are characterised by their 180mm - or greater - flue.

Class 2 chimney type

Rotherham Fireplace Centre

This type of chimney is designed for gas or electric fires, and indeed solid fuel fires. They have a narrow depth, meaning not all fires can be installed in this type of flue.

Pre-cast flue chimney type

Rotherham Fireplace Centre

A lot of new properties without chimneys have pre-cast flues fitted instead. The flues are shallow in depth, and can be used for gas and electric-powered fires.

No chimney?

Rotherham Fireplace Centre

There are ways to install a fire without a chimney. Many modern homes are built without chimneys nowadays, and in these instances you can choose one of the following solutions: electric fire, powered flue gas fire or a balanced flue gas fire.

After sales process

Once you have found the right fireplace for your home and purchased it, there will be, on average, a 4 week wait between the order and the date of fitting. The fitting will take 1-2 days depending on how complex each individual job may be.

Get a quote

Send our team of experts a photo of your existing fireplace, and we will be able to provide you with a quote for your fireplace.

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Visit our showroom

Alternatively, you can pay us a visit at our impressive showroom. We recommend that our customers come prepared with the following information when they visit us:

  • A photograph of your current fireplace, flue, chimney breast and the room setting
  • The measurements of your current fireplace and chimney breast (the relevant measurements you should bring are the height, width and depth of your hearth)
  • If you wish, bring any photos you may have seen online or in a magazine which shows the type of fireplace you would like
See Showroom
Highly recommended, from start to finish the staff have been really helpful. The install of the fire and surround went really smooth cant thank them enough, very happy.
lisa hensman
lisa hensman
12:30 27 Jun 18
A warm welcome ;) very helpful. Not pushy or in your face.
Jack Raynor
Jack Raynor
16:12 09 Jul 18
Went to Rotherham fireplace centre this morning to order a chimney liner and ask for some general advice on woodburners. Wes looked after us and was great. Excellent service and attitude to customers. Even helped load the van, can’t ask for more. Top man.
Chris McVann
Chris McVann
15:20 10 Feb 18
Very helpful and friendly. Went to great lengths to please, without being pushy. Would highly recommend it.
Karen Travers
Karen Travers
17:25 19 Jan 18


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