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Electric Stoves vs Wood burners

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Electric Stoves vs Wood burners

Posted on: 25th September 2017

Wood burners and electric stoves are two fireplace solutions that are on opposite ends of the heating spectrum. Both have their own unique considerations, from the way they’re installed and how they function, to the kind of atmosphere they instill in your home and – most importantly – how effective they are at keeping you warm. Choosing between the two can be tough, which us why we’ve put together this article to see how electric stoves and wood burners weigh up against each other. Fuel to the fire Starting with the obvious difference between the two: the presence of fire itself….

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Advantages of Electric Fireplaces

Posted on: 22nd May 2015

Electric fireplaces are a solution that more and more households are opting for, providing warmth and comfort without the hefty gas bills and pollution to match. Though many of us may hanker after a traditional open fireplace, the reality is that for some households it may not be possible to have one installed. In these instances, a solution like an electric fireplace really is a wise choice and one that can be enjoyed just as much as a real fire. Here, we discuss this positive aspect of the electric fireplace, along with a whole host of other benefits they have. Location…

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