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The History of the Fireplace – a Timeline

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The History of the Fireplace – a Timeline

Posted on: 20th February 2019

The evolution of the fireplace has been staggering since they first started appearing in homes hundreds of years ago, so the team at Rotherham Fireplace Centre have decided to collate the various iterations of this beloved feature into a timeline. The History of the Fireplace – a Timeline Medieval Era: Fire pits As the caption suggests, Medieval buildings used a fire pit for heat. Built in the middle of a room, there was a hole cut in the ceiling to allow the smoke to escape. 1185: The development of the chimney As two-floor buildings became more popular, homeowners moved their fireplaces…

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Advantages Of A Gas Fire

Posted on: 20th July 2015

When considering which fireplace will work best in your home, there are several strong arguments to be made for the gas fire. Here, we explain more about what it is that makes the gas fire such a good choice for a variety of households. Constant Heat Gas fireplaces, unlike those using logs, supply a constant source of heat to households. Rather than getting hot at the height of the combustion process as logs do, gas fires allow for constant and continual heating of your property at the flick of a switch. Safer With No Sparks One serious benefit of gas fireplaces…

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Choosing the right Fireplace Grate

Posted on: 20th June 2015

Fireplace grates are a necessary addition to open fires, providing a wealth of benefits in terms of functionality and safety as well as improving the fire’s aesthetics. When choosing a grate for your fireplace, there are various things to take into consideration in terms of functionality, style and price. Here, we help explain a little more about what differentiates various types of grate from one another. Weight & Thickness If you are a household who rarely use their open fire, there is no need for a high grade, heavy-duty grate, a simple, lightweight grate will work just fine. If, however, you…

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Advantages of Electric Fireplaces

Posted on: 22nd May 2015

Electric fireplaces are a solution that more and more households are opting for, providing warmth and comfort without the hefty gas bills and pollution to match. Though many of us may hanker after a traditional open fireplace, the reality is that for some households it may not be possible to have one installed. In these instances, a solution like an electric fireplace really is a wise choice and one that can be enjoyed just as much as a real fire. Here, we discuss this positive aspect of the electric fireplace, along with a whole host of other benefits they have. Location…

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How to Build & Maintain a Wood Fire

Posted on: 19th January 2015

As the coldest season of the year is upon us, it is important to keep your house as warm as possible for the winter months. If you are lucky enough to have a wood burning stove at your property, make the most of it and have a real fire this winter. You will not only benefit from the warmth and attractiveness that real fires bring to a room – and indeed a whole house – but you could save a lot of money on heating bills, too. Starting and maintaining your wood fire is as easy as can be, provided you…

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Hottest Things in The Universe

Posted on: 22nd December 2014

It is common knowledge – and common sense – to know that fires generate immense levels of heat, and it is therefore no surprise that the fireplace in your home can be a seriously hot spot. With wood burning starting at 250 degrees Celsius, but temperatures of at least 450 degrees Celsius required to produce a flame, the burning process in your fire this winter may be hotter than you realise. Here is a list of 7 of the hottest things in the universe; prepare to be amazed by the sheer size of these numbers. The Flame of a Fire Whilst…

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