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Why You Should Use an Accredited Fireplace Installer

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Why You Should Use an Accredited Fireplace Installer

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Why You Should Use an Accredited Fireplace Installer

Posted on: 29th May 2019

Getting a new fireplace is an exciting purchase, an addition to a home that is both luxurious and practical at once. However, there are risks associated with the purchase of a fireplace; namely the use of an unaccredited installer. While using an unaccredited installer may save you some money up front, the long term consequences could end up costing you a lot more. In this piece, we’re going to look at why you should use an accredited fireplace installer.

What accreditations are there?

There are a few accreditations that installers can achieve, and looking for these when choosing an installer can ensure you don’t make the wrong choice.

Gas Safe Register

Perhaps the most well-known accreditation, the Gas Safe Register is an official list of gas businesses who are authorised to work with fireplaces and other gas appliances. All gas engineers are required by law to be on the Gas Safe Register; if your fireplace installer isn’t, do not use their services.


The Heat Equipment Testing and Approval Scheme (HETAS) is the national organisation for consumer safety, as well as the public interest in safe, efficient and eco-friendly use of biomass and solid fuels. They offer a number of services that can benefit people looking to purchase a fireplace.

Installer registration – HETAS-registered installers are all trained according to UKAS standards, providing work that adheres to all relevant building regulations.

Training – HETAS is a leading provider of training for installers and retailers of solid fuel, biomass and wood-burning appliances. There’s a HETAS Guide, published annually, which helps keep installers up to date.

Approved retailers – HETAS-approved retailers like Rotherham Fireplace Centre are certified providers of high quality fireplaces and safe services.


The National Fire Protection Association is a non-profit organisation committed to eliminating death, injury, and loss of property and money due to fire and electrical hazards. With over 300 consensus codes and standards, they provide professionals like Rotherham Fireplace Centre with the knowledge and the training to minimise risk in our line of work.

Why should I use an accredited installer?

The use of an accredited installer protects you, the customer. When you use a non-accredited installer, you have no way of knowing if they’re qualified for the work you’re paying them to do. An improperly-installed fireplace can be disastrous – not only can it cost you a lot of money to repair, the combination of volatile materials involved in the use of a fireplace can result in dire consequences if the fireplace itself is faulty.

Secondly, using an unauthorised installer can invalidate your home insurance. If your fireplace damages your home – and an improperly installed one can really damage your home – and you’ve not used an accredited, insured company, then your insurance provider probably won’t pay out.

Rotherham Fireplace Centre are proud to be accredited by each of the authorities covered in this piece. Our installers have undergone all requisite training and checks, so you can be sure you’re in the safest of hands when you opt for a fireplace from us. We take our work very seriously – we don’t cut corners, we don’t leave anything to chance; we supply and install the highest quality fireplaces with the utmost care, all at very competitive prices.

If you’d like to know more about what we do, please get in touch with us today.


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